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CCW CPL Classes Michigan

We are Firearms Training Organization based in Michigan and offering firearms classes nationwide. We are committed to providing comprehensive training in the safe use and handling of firearms to people of all shooting levels. Our instructors are graduates of the Sig Sauer Academy, NRA certified, current and former police officers, and seasoned security professionals. Our classes identify each shooter's individual needs to insure that all students complete their respective courses with positive results to show for the time and money they have invested.

Our courses provide the most up to date techniques on firearm training, safety, and personal defense.  Our Michigan CPL/CCW course is a requirement for all persons applying for a CPL/CCW in the State of Michigan and provides students with easy to retain information and skills to prepare for a life threatening situation, or to just spend some time at the range.  We offer convenient courses with straight forward direction.

Our goal is not to overwhelm students, but rather provide straightforward training that they can easily retain and use as responsible gun owners and CPL holders.  Be safe and shoot straight, we hope to see you soon!

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