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  1. Take an approved Michigan CPL Class (you will receive a certificate upon completion)

  2. Take your certificate to your local County Clerk's office  ($115 Fee)

  3. Once approved, you will receive your CPL in the mail within 45 days, usually sooner

How to Get Your Concealed Carry Permit

Michigan's #1 CPL Class


Thank you so much for visiting our website. We are happy to offer a one day CPL class that is informative, interesting, and meets Michigan's guidelines to acquire your CPL. Our goal is to teach you the fundamentals of firearm safety in a welcoming environment. We cover the legal aspects of carrying a firearm and basic safety and handling techniques.  Whether you have never held a firearm or are an experienced shooter, you will find this class informative and enjoyable.


32231 Schoolcraft Road, Suite 201
Livonia | MI | 734.250.1825


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Al Jazeera Feature on Concealed Carry

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Laws and Legal Aspects: Understanding federal, state, and local laws regarding the carrying of concealed firearms. This includes where you can and cannot carry a concealed weapon, the legal implications of using a firearm in self-defense, and any legal obligations you must fulfill to maintain your license.


Firearm Safety: Fundamental safety rules for handling and storing firearms to prevent accidents. includes the safe handling of firearms, understanding how to store firearms securely, and how to maintain awareness of your firearm's status (loaded, unloaded, safety on/off).


Shooting Fundamentals: Basic training on shooting techniques, including stance, grip, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, and breath control.


Concealment Techniques: Guidance on how to effectively conceal a firearm, including the types of holsters and clothing that can be used for concealment, as well as the pros and cons of various positions for carrying a concealed weapon on the body.


Self-Defense and Situational Awareness: Strategies for avoiding dangerous situations and how to react if you find yourself in a threatening scenario. Includes discussions on the legal and ethical considerations of using deadly force in self-defense.


Emergency Response: How to interact with law enforcement during and after a defensive shooting incident.

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